• John Huntington InterCue pt1 – author • storm chaser • photographer.


John Huntington is a Professor of Entertainment Technology at New York City College of Technology, also known as Citytech, which is part of CUNY. Through his company Zircon Designs, Huntington freelances as an author, entertainment and show control systems consultant, and sound designer/engineer. He is also an award-winning photographer.

Huntington’s book Show Networks and Control Systems is the leading book in the field. The book was first published as Control Systems for Live Entertainment by Focal Press in 1994, and was revised in 2000 and 2007. In 2012, Huntington started self publishing the book, renamed it, and extensively expanded the networking coverage.


Just because something doesn’t do what you planned it to do, doesn’t mean it’s useless.

~Thomas Edison

Editing a Podcast is more work than I imagined. Not just are you bringing your team together and recording the content, you then have to go in and have a hard look at what you have, how to present it and how much you want to tweak it.

I have found, I can’t stand hearing our unconscious verbal stumbling. We all do it, and it infects our daily speech. I never heard it before to be honest, but now that I have to edit out hundreds of times per episode, I am taking my crusade to the people.

It is a under appreciated skill to speak fluidly and continuously and intelligently on a subject without inserting the “and yum”, “you know”, “yes….no”, “kinda like” verbal salad we sprinkle in every sentence.

The solution? Practice. Record yourself. Don’t be in a rush. It is much better to just pause for a moment instead of filling in the moment with a “piece of lettuce”. The people we have had on the show, with the fewest of these, are professors and people who speak in front of others everyday. I also find, once you hit someones sweet spot (something they know a lot about and are passionate about) their verbal salad disappears.

To be fair, even though I am painfully aware of this, I still do it. Normally it’s when I am trying to move the conversation from one conversation to another and am not 100% sure of where I am even going.

So lets all try to take a breath, let the silence in. We will listen. Goodbye “and ummmm”, you will not be missed.

Naturally, everything at The Cue HQ is powered by OSC show control. For a limited time, we’ve made it publicly accessible. Point your OSC packets to thecuecontrol.ddns.net (port 54000). Download the QLab or TouchOSC files and try…