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I think that novels that leave out technology misrepresent life as badly as Victorians misrepresented life by leaving out sex.
-Kurt Vonnegut

Meet Helix Propared™ official moral officier.

Meet Helix
Propared™ chief morale officier.

Propared is software for project management for live event professionals. Offering customized productivity solutions that are useful, flexible, and efficient.

We interview CEO Ryan Kirk and COO Melissa Johnston and learn more about this fascinating software and the future of show production.

Editing a Podcast is more work than I imagined. Not just are you bringing your team together and recording the content, you then have to go in and have a hard look at what you have, how to present it and how much you want to tweak it.

I have found, I can’t stand hearing our unconscious verbal stumbling. We all do it, and it infects our daily speech. I never heard it before to be honest, but now that I have to edit out hundreds of times per episode, I am taking my crusade to the people.

It is a under appreciated skill to speak fluidly and continuously and intelligently on a subject without inserting the “and yum”, “you know”, “yes….no”, “kinda like” verbal salad we sprinkle in every sentence.

The solution? Practice. Record yourself. Don’t be in a rush. It is much better to just pause for a moment instead of filling in the moment with a “piece of lettuce”. The people we have had on the show, with the fewest of these, are professors and people who speak in front of others everyday. I also find, once you hit someones sweet spot (something they know a lot about and are passionate about) their verbal salad disappears.

To be fair, even though I am painfully aware of this, I still do it. Normally it’s when I am trying to move the conversation from one conversation to another and am not 100% sure of where I am even going.

So lets all try to take a breath, let the silence in. We will listen. Goodbye “and ummmm”, you will not be missed.



• Drew Dalzell InterCue & The Collaborator Party.


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Technology is the campfire around which we tell our stories.

― Laurie Anderson


Drew Dalzell is an award winning sound designer, show control programmer, and theatrical consultant. His experience encompasses theme parks, cruise ships, theatre, television, film, industrials, and installations. Drew’s multidisciplinary skill set—which ranges from lighting, sound, and set design to stage management, direction, and show control programming—uniquely qualifies him to oversee large-scale productions. In themed entertainment, Drew has worked for Universal Studios, Walt Disney Imagineering, Disney Creative Entertainment, Nickelodeon Recreation, and Paramount Parks, among others. He has done extensive sound and show control work for Universal Studios Hollywood, most notably Halloween Horror Nights 2006-2012. For Nickelodeon Resorts, Drew acted as the show control programmer and technical systems consultant for multiple shows at the Nick Hotel.